DPP rychle

DPP rychle tile
Free, no ads
Published in Jan 2012
Overall rating 3.5 of 5
About 10,000 downloads (Jul 2015)

The application helps to quickly find a transport in Prague. It uses the server dpp.cz, by which the results are shown.

The searches can be saved as templates that are immediately ready when application starts. Every search attribute, such as maximal number of changes or low-deck only, is supported.

This was my first application for Windows Phone. In times of early 7.5 there was no app for searching for transport. Every time I have to open a web browser on the searching page, wait some time (GPRS) until it loaded, scroll to search form, somehow fill the required information and hit a button. So sloooow! So I made the DPP rychle with support of templates. From now on the whole process took only few seconds.

In these days, many people post review with complains about how there is no autocompletion of the station names, how the results are shown only on the official web etc. and how there are many better apps. Well…they are obviously right. But when the app was published, it cannot do any better. There were no sources for autocompletion and it was (still is) illegal to parse the results from official pages and show them in 3rd party application.