Instant Notes

Instant Notes tile
Free, no ads
Published in Jan 2014
Overall rating 4.5 of 5
Over 16,000 downloads (Jul 2015)

Do you need to take a note quickly, but you have no paper and pen neither usable application in your phone? Do you want to easily set a deadline or a reminder along? Do you want to see the note on the Home screen?

Then this application is right for you!

Application Instant Notes provides a fast way for taking notes that you can pin to the Home screen. You can also specify a deadline or set a reminder, so you won’t forget to do an important task ever again.

Main features:

  • pin note to the Start screen
  • supports all tile sizes
  • change font and its size
  • change note background
  • display deadline
  • set a reminder
  • send by sms/e-mail
Instant Notes have won in Microsoft competition! The competition Vývojářúm okna dokořán hold by Microsoft in Czech Republic was about creating a Windows 8 or Windows Phone application. There were 6 rounds and Instant Notes won first place of the 5th round in Feb 2014. The price was a very nice tablet Acer Iconia W510 64GB with Windows 8.